Rules and Regulations for Night Hunting

Hunting during the day can have its own challenges, inclement weather and extreme heat/cold, and of course, legally hunting at night is far trickier. However, hunting at night offers its own set of rewards and can not only net you some different varieties of game, but can give you some unique challenges as a hunter. It’s important to educate yourself before setting out at night. Follow these simple rules and tips and you will be well on your way to joining the exciting world of night hunting.

Don’t forget every state’s rules and regs on night hunting are different and priority number one is that you are informed before setting out on a night hunt. Since I’m from Texas, I’m well-familiar with their hunting laws. And if you want to use the added benefit of night vision gear, then you must thoroughly read through your state’s guidelines about whether it is legal for hunting in your state, regardless of whether or not you intend to use it. There’s no way to outline every rule and reg for every state here, but you can quickly learn for yourself by visiting your state’s website.

Here are some specifics when it comes to night hunting in Texas:

As in many states, it is illegal to hunt on public lands at night in Texas, however, if you’re hunting non-game animals like feral hog, Axis deer, or Russian boar, and on private lands, then you are in the clear to hunt at night. Use of illumination or night vision scopes and goggles is legal when hunting on private property as long as the equipment is legally possessed and documented under state and federal laws. A good rule of thumb when doing any hunting at night is to notify your local game warden before setting out in order to avoid any undue confusion.

New Update, Hunting With Silencers:

As of the 2012-2013 hunting season, it is now legal to hunt game animals with silencers. Here is an excerpt directly from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s hunting rules and regulations page:

“Beginning Sept. 1, 2012, it is lawful to use a silencer to hunt any bird or animal. All federal, state, and local laws governing silencers continue to apply.”

This is a huge game changer in the hunting landscape of Texas. The practical change to how one hunts are staggering. Imagine getting a shot off at a prized buck or feral hog without the rest of the pack spooking, or if your first shot should happen to miss, you may have another chance to harvest your game, among other potential scenarios.

Many states have a wild hog problem. If you’ve never tried hog hunting, now is the time to start. Hog hunting is pretty huge phenomenon in the US and many states are very easygoing about how these critters are taken. Since they are mostly deemed a “nuisance” species, most of the restrictions on other animals are thrown out the window when it comes to hunting wild hogs, especially when hunted on private land. If you’ve never hunted hog before, or it’s your first time hunting at night, then hog is a great starting place.

Hunting at night can be a rewarding and new way to expand your hunting horizons. Get informed, then get geared up, and you can have yourself a great time bagging some game at night.

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