Hunt Masters Lodge

Hunt Masters Lodge is a DeGraff, Ohio outfitter and hunting guide who guided hunts include whitetail deer, turkey, waterfowl.

Company: Hunt Masters Lodge
Street: 3487 Co. Rd. 31
City: DeGraff
State: Ohio
Zip: 43318
Phone: 937-585-4294

Outfitter Specializes in Guided Hunts of:
whitetail deer, turkey, waterfowl

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  1. avatar John Galsterer says:

    Was treated incredibly rudely by Joel, Tim, and Lisa. I wounded on a late season hunt and we tracked the deer into an area that we could get permission to access. Tim treated me like an idiot the entire track, but who cares the guy is an A-hole. So I pulled Joel aside and asked him how much to get back huntIng again? He said $500. We agreed and shook on it. The next morning he contacts me via text and doubles the price to $1000. I said to my hunting partner “Joel’s trying to screw me”. Joel said his wife got involved and that’s the price take it or leave it. I left it, packed up my gear and left Hunt Masters. And I’ll never go back

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    • Have hunted with several outfitters and none is better than Joel and Tim. Both work very hard to get you a trophy. Just look at the web site they are booked full for every hunt.

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